Middle Region

Year It Was Founded/ Economic Resources/ Founder

It was founded in 1681 because King Charles II owed the Penn family money. In repayment, he gave William Penn a piece of land that came to be Pennsylvania. William Penn was was the founder of this colony. Pennsylvania also had a lot of minerals used for manufacturing. Pigs, sheep and timber were also economic resources.

Reason Founded

Penn used this land to create a colony where Quakers could live according to their beliefs. Quakers believed that everyone should live in peace and harmony, so they welcomed people from all ethnics and religions.

Climate and Geography

Pennsylvania is generally a very mountainous area as far as geography goes. Most of the state is covered in rolling hills, ridges and plateaus, punctuated by valleys. Pennsylvania has very mild climate during the fall, while winter brings snow and much colder temperatures. Summers are very mild with the average temperatures in the mid eightys. The winters are short, and the growing seasons are longer.