Like A Flower

Thrive Chiropractic

What does a flower need to thrive? Sunlight, water, good nutrients from the soil, minimizing toxins, and a healthy environment. These are requirements for a flower to be the best flower it can be. Just like a flower has requirements, so do you!

Human beings were designed to flourish. By providing our bodies with what they need (healthy fuel, water, rest, love, movement, CHIROPRACTIC!) we give ourselves the best opportunity for health.

Every time you get adjusted you are restoring a requirement! Adjustments provide clarity to the system (nerve system) that regulates everything your body does (immunity, digestion, energy, sleep, chemical balance, healing, strength, etc.) So who benefits from getting adjusted? EVERYONE!

Brent Vuyovich, DC


Open Adjusting Hours this month will continue on...

Mon and Wed 8 AM-12 PM

Tue and Th 2-6 PM

Sat 10 AM-12 PM

The office will be closed the following dates in December (Sat 12/6, Th 12/11, Wed 12/24 and Th 12/25) Happy Holidays!