BonDeCroft Lion's Roar

Aug. 22nd - Aug. 26th

BonDeCroft News

Our portable classrooms are getting closer to completion. The plumbing is completely finished. We are waiting on electrical inspections. The fire alarms and intercom should be finished in a couple of days. We are waiting on materials for our people to build the steps and ramp. Hopefully we can begin the moving process at the end of next week. I'll keep you updated.

Students will take their first MAP benchmark screeners beginning Monday. Please make sure you have your child at school no later than 8:00 a.m. If they want to eat school breakfast, please make every effort to have them at school by 7:45 a.m.

Parent Pick Up Line Info.

Please make sure you are leaving a space in the line for PreK parents where the line curves at the end of the parking lot. The line is so long and is blocking the entrance to the inside line for our PreK parents. PreK pick-up is not over until 2:45. Please make sure they have a space to enter the inside line.

When dropping off your student each morning, please do not get out of the car. This causes a disruption to the flow of traffic. We have parents that are trying to make it to work in time. If you wish to walk your child to the front door, you must park in the parking lot and walk them.

The lane closest to the school is for PreK pick up ONLY until 2:45 each day. If you are picking up any other student, please make sure to use the outside lane. Please DO NOT park and walk up to get your child. This causes a disruption in the flow of the pick up process. If you choose to walk up, you will have to wait until most students have been picked up. We have to try to keep as many cars out of the road as possible. Any disruption in the flow slows down this process. Make sure your car tag is visible at all times. This allows us to get your child to you faster. Thanks for understanding!

Menu For the Week

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Important Events:

21st CCLC After- School Program begins: August 22nd ( Please bring a photo ID to pick your child up. We have a lot of new employees this year. They will be asking for ID.

No School: Sept. 5th

School pictures: Sept. 9th

Progress Reports: Sept. 9th

PTO News:

Mum sale!!! This will be our only big fundraiser due to the upcoming construction at the school. Please help us out by spreading the word.

Title 1 Tidbits

Ask questions before reading:

  • “What do you think the book will be about?”

  • “What do you think will happen to the character on the cover?”

  • “What does the title mean?”

  • “Why do you think the author chose that title?”