Moby Max Writing

One Hour Session

Session Overview

This session is geared towards teachers that are currently enrolled and using MobyMax. Creating and assigning online writing prompts has never been easier using MobyMax Writing Module. Writing with MobyMax offers the complete submission-revision-grading system for any type essay, report, or research paper. Easy Markup allows for simple drag and drop markups for all common errors like fragments or comma splices onto the students writing. Existing writing prompts, images, and rubrics can be imported into the program. Provide better feedback as well as save time! Easy Grading, Progress Monitoring, and Tracking Workflow.
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· Participants will be able to create a writing assignment in MobyMax.

· Participants will be able to score writing and give feedback without a rubric.

· Participants will be able to score writing based on a rubric and give feedback.

Bell Work

Getting Started:

Login to

Username: pratice(+number)

password: wildcats

Click on writing tile and complete the writing assignment

Success Criteria

· Participants can create and assign a writing assignment.

· Participants can access preloaded rubrics.

· Participants can score a writing assignment based on rubric.

· Participants can give student feedback based on written assignment

Task 1: Create a Writing Assignment

1. Sign in as teacher.

2. Create a fake student in your class (under the “Roster” feature). Be sure to write down the username/password.

3. From the teacher dashboard, click on "Writing Assignments."

4. Select "Create New Assignment."

5. Enter title, due date, and writing prompt. (Prompt can be provided by tech coach to save time)

6. Assign to your fake student.

7. Select "I just want to assign a grade."

8. Select "Save."

Task 2: Use TCAP/WA Rubric To Assess Response.

1. Create a new writing assignment using steps 3-6 above, but choose "I want to use a rubric to assign a grade." (Step 7). Choose “My District” and pick the appropriate TCAP/WA rubric.

2. Assign this assignment to your fake student.

3. Point out that teachers can choose from pre-loaded rubrics from Moby Max, rubrics they create, rubrics created for the school, and rubrics created for the district. (All TCAP/WA rubrics can be accessed under "My District"). Teachers can visit to see all TN writing rubrics.

Task 3: Evaluate Response

1. Log in as your neighbor's "fake student" and complete one of their writing prompts while they complete yours. (Tip: use a different browser for "fake student" to eliminate the need to log in/out).

2. Log in again as the teacher and view your neighbor's responses. Use the comment codes to provide feedback and/or send writing back for revision

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