VCR Lesson 7

Kate Welch

Choose the word from Lesson 7 that best fits below...

Although I was looking forward to driving to Disney World with my family, my excitement quickly dwindled as my ______ sisters repeatedly complained that the ride was too long.

The Word



Complaining; irritable; peevish

querulousness, noun

Roots and History

quaero, quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitum

Latin - "to seek," "to search for"

The word querulosus was used in late Latin to directly mean "to complain."

The use of the modern term querulous peaked during the 19th century.

Synonyms and Antonyms


  1. complaining
  2. irritable
  3. peevish
  4. grumpy
  5. moody
  6. grouchy


  1. well-tempered
  2. content
  3. happy
  4. joyful
  5. pleasant
  6. satisfied

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Choose the sentence in which the word in bold is used incorrectly:

  1. Though I loved visiting my grandmother at the nursing home, the other residents were quite querulous, and I tried my best to avoid them.
  2. Despite being placed on hold for nearly two hours, my sister remained querulous and optimistic about her request.
  3. When my father saw that the wait time at the restaurant was nearly two hours, he immediately became querulous.
  4. Despite being well rested, I was in a terrible mood throughout the day, and my mother commented on my querulousness.

Answer: #2

In sentence #2, "querulous" should be replaced with "cheerful," which is the opposite of querulous.