Polluting or Not Polluting?

by Kaylee Cantwell


One reson is to stop pouting the ocean. First a great deal of oceans trash comes from boats and ships. Second it gets full of ocean water and it overflows and floods towns and citys. Last it takes a long period of time to get trash from the ocean.


Second detail is to stop pouting the ocean with oil. First sewage can break easily in the ocean but it mostly brings oil. Second oil kills plant and animal life. Oil kills sea birds, seals, and segals. Oil kills a lot of things. And makes a lot of sewage breaks in the whole world.


Finally you need to stop pouting the ocean with chemicals. First the oil ins’t the only thing that is pouting the ocean. Second people been pouting the ocean for 25YEARS! Finally oil is a chemical so it kills underwater life and makes a mess.