Kramer's Korner

A Weekly Newsletter from Mrs. Kramer's Class: 1/12-1/16

Weekly Note from Mrs. Kramer

This has been an awesome week! We had lots of fun preparing for Kabbalat Shabbat, and we loved sharing the experience with you this morning. Many thanks to our parent volunteer, Lisa Leftkovits. We really appreciate our Mystery Reader, Alli Rubin.

Important Dates

Tue. 1/20: Wedding sheets are due for Judaic Studies. These white sheets are in the Friday folder.

Wed. 1/21: Tutorial for geology assessment. Please let me know if your child will stay.

Thu. 1/22: Geology assessment: Geology folders are coming home today, so that you can start to study. I will send home more review materials to add to these folders next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fri. 1/23: Flat Stanley addresses are due back. The sheet is in today's Friday Folder.


We have been working so hard this week. In language arts, the kids are writing remarkable stories about glasses that give them super powers. It is amazing to see how their writing skills have developed. I am so impressed with the organization, sequencing, details, and vocabulary that the kids are using in their creative writing. In addition, the kids have been all over the school interviewing various staff members. These interviews will be completed on Tuesday, and the kids will begin writing and typing the biographies of the Davis employees. In math, we completed our unit on subtraction. Next week, we are on to data collection, just a little break from all of the computation. This week, our guidance lesson focused on teamwork. We learned that we needed to compromise and break down a task so that each person in the group could contribute. In science, we have completed all of our geology activities. Now, we are in review mode. Please use the material in your child's geology folder to prepare for Thursday's test. More review sheets will go home Tuesday and Wednesday.


ם (MEM and MEM SOFIT) where our letters this past week, we practiced the verbs: קָם (stand up), לוֹמֵד (study), אוֹמֵר (say),

read the story "גַּם אֲנִי!" (me too!) and used the question words: מִי? (who?), מָה? (what?), כַּמָּה? (How much? \how many?), לָמָּה? (why?).

Please encourage your child to read at home as much as possible.

Shabbat shalom,

Morah Keren.