How Do We Use Decimals?

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When do we multiply decimals in the real world?

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Smartypants: Yes I am, thank you very much.

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Me: What are three examples of multiplying decimals in the real world?

Smartypants: Well, there are much more then three of course, we use decimals everyday! One example would be money. Money is in dollars and cents, and we literally multiply money every single day. Another one would be percentage. Percentage is written in decimal form, and we multiply percentage quite often. The last one is measurement. Gallons, pints, cups, and even rulers! If the measurement is not exact, the number would be written as a decimal. We multiply measurement often as well.

Me: That is absolutely amazing! Thank you for your smart answers. I mean, your last name is Smartypants for a reason.

Smartypants: Thank you!

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When do we divide decimals in the real world?

An interview with professor Smartypants

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Me: What are three examples of dividing decimals in the real world?

Smartypants: Well, there is money, of course. If we wanted to share 50 dollars, then we would divide! The second one would be again, percentage, just like multiplying. If there was 100% of pizza and we wanted to share it, it would also be dividing. The last one is a total score from a sport. They are mostly in decimal form, and if we wanted to figure out what score they got in one game(remember the score is the total) we would divide it! Multiplying and dividing decimals in real life are very similar.

Me: I am so glad I got to interview you! You always have the best answers. Thank you!

Smatypants: Thanks for your kind compliments! I always look forward to meeting you for another interview!

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Decimals are everywhere!

How do we multiply / divide decimals?

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