Harry Hess is Coming to Kirtland!!

come meet the greatest scientist ever!

All About Harry....

  • Hess became a professor of geology at Princeton in 1932. His specialized in the study of arced chains of islands with active volcanoes.
  • He was was a geologist and Navy submarine commander during World War II
  • One of his fist missions during the war was to estimate enemy positions in the North Atlantic.
  • He made four major combat landings
  • He was not only commander, but also a geologist. His ship was equipped with a sound system that he used to measure the depths of the ocean floors.
  • In 1946 he made a shocking discovery. He noticed almost what looked like underwater mountains on the floor of the pacific.
  • After the war he spent much of his time studying these mountains or mid ocean ranges as well as minerals.
  • In 1953 the Great Global Rift (a volcanic valley running along the midocean ridges) was also discovered. This intrigued Hess to look back at the data he collected on his missions during the war.
  • After much time and research he hypothesized the ocean floor was spreading.
  • His theory consisted of the fact that hot, less dense magma oozed out from the cracks. As the magma cooled it pushed the existing sea floor away on both sides of the crack (vent).
  • His theory was the missing puzzle piece that solved many of the other unknown pieces in the field of geology.
  • He also provided his theory that at one point there were once active volcanoes which were above the water's surface before being eroded down to sea level. As the sea-floor was moving (carrying the eroded volcanoes along with it) they were being moved into deeper and deeper water.
  • He also had many other great accomplishments. He was made the head of Geology at Princeton College where he graduated. Furthermore, he was called on for advise during the Cuban Missile crisis. In conclusion he worked with NASA to help plan the first human landing on the moon.

What is seafloor spreading ?

Seafloor spreading is the process in which molten material that lies under the ocean rises between ridges and pushes the existing tectonic plates aside, creating new crust (seafloor).

Fact : Sea floor spreading is making the Atlantic Ocean a few inches wider each year!


Save the date !!!

When; November 23
Where; KMS Gym
Time; 2:00 - 3:30

2:00 gather in auditorium
2:15 start presentation (Harry's early life)
2:45 talk about discovery
3:00 life accomplishments
3:15 closing with questions from students and teachers
3:20 pictures and autographs
3:30 dismiss students

Famous Quote

"I shall consider this paper an essay in geopoetry. In order not to travel any further into the realm of fantasy than is absolutely necessary I shall hold as closely as possibly to a uniformitarian approach; even so, at least one great catastrophe will be required early in the Earth's history."
-Harry Hess