Level 4 Design Expo

Design, Creativity and Technology by Tiffany

Our special event is coming very soon!

After many weeks on Researching, Evaluating, Designing and Producing, the Level 4 students have finished their product they've made for their client and we are having an Expo to show friends and family!

Level 4 Design Expo

Thursday, Dec. 6th 2012 at 6-7pm

29 Livingstone Rd, Vermont South, Victoria, Australia

See all the Year 5&6 children show you their wonderful projects made of wood, fabric and more! See them explain their process and procedures they have overcome successfully and unsuccessfully during this task. The children are very excited to show you their projects!

My Project

During the 'Producing' process on making my product for my client. I've been consulting with her and how I'm going with her product. I've had many problems, but let them go at the end, but still making my first product I've made for someone.

We are Hexahara Solutions!

Hexahara specializes on solving problems and fulfilling needs of our clients, whether its making special dietary foods, making bags, purses or even building shelves etc.