By Liam Hoffmann

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How do they happen?

Earthquakes happen when the tectonic plates hit, scrape, or bump into each. The Earth used to be made up of one huge body of water, and one giant continent! Also, big strikes of lightning can very slightly shake the plates. On average, the plates move 3 inches a year.

How to be prepared?

There are several ways to be prepared, here are some easy yet important ones.

  • Have a kit full of essential things in case evacuation is critical
  • If in a place with frequent and/or powerful earthquakes (such as California or Alaska), get insurance to cover earthquakes (if available)
  • Have a med kit with bandages and other things such as simple medicines (like Tylenol)
  • Turn off all electric devices if things start rumbling or shaking
  • Much more!

What to know:

  • Earthquakes can not be predicted (as of 2015), so always be ready
  • Create an escape plan for your household (can use fire-safety escape plans)
  • DON'T hesitate to yell and scream if you are stuck, make sure people can hear you
  • Most Earthquakes land on a 2-5 on the Richter scale (which measures quake intensity and force), but anything above could potentially create mass destruction

California is still enjoyable! Why:

  • Hollywood and LA! Plenty of fun!
  • The ocean, the beach! Everyone loves water!
  • Giant mountains, amazing!

Alaska is still nice too! Why:

  • So much snow! Plenty of skiing and sledding opportunities!
  • Amazing mountains, just like CA!
  • Just a heads up, VERY COLD!!!
What Makes the Earth Shake?

How can I reduce damage/force/intensity?

  • use stronger more resistant materials to build with
  • build thicker walls
Tom Knight "Shake Shake Shake (The Earthquake Song)"