Perseverance Newsletter

By: Chris Shea


Perseverance is when someone never gives up. When someone is dedicated to something so much, they wont stop even if it involves risking their lives for it. Some people who would do just this, like Tom Harken, Noah Galloway, and Jim Valvano who will be in this newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to show anyone who is reading this, to never give up on anything no matter how difficult it is.


Noah Galloway- missing arm and leg, lost limbs in a accident in the military, became a dancer.Nick V.- missing all limbs, born without limbs, became an athlete. Same- Both have perseverance, both missing limbs.


Tom Harken was Illiterate. This means he could not read or write. He had this problem his whole life and needed help. He showed perseverance by not telling anyone about his problem and becoming very successful in many ways like owning his own trucking company. He eventually told people about his problem and he got the help he needed and became even more successful than he was before.

Compare and Contrast

Jim Valvano is being compared to perseverance. Jim showed perseverance by having cancer but he wanted to fulfill his life before he died. He made many famous speeches and he inspired people to make good decisions and do fun things in there life too.