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January 2021

December 2020 Graduates

Over the last year we have witnessed many unprecedented, historical events. Since the inauguration, Bernie Sanders has become a meme sensation and his “visit” to our school does not necessarily mean we favor his party. At San Antonio High School, we strive to facilitate students’ exploration of our government by presenting them with multiple perspectives. For example, in the Government class in the Fall students watched speeches from both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention. We also include media literacy across the curriculum, so that students know how to identify reliable sources and bias. We encourage our students to be critical thinkers and to engage in our democracy.

“I love America more than any other country in the world and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.”- James Baldwin

Art Corner

Dakota Ruys' Shell Final:
Big picture

Georgia O'Keefe Critiques

Ms. Garcia's art students studied Georgai O'Keefe and critiqued her paintings. Each painting can be seen by clicking the links.

Georgia O’Keeffe:

Nov 15,1887 - March 6, 1986

American Artist


Yalitza Mendez

Title: Horse Skull With White Rose, 1931


  • A horses decomposed head

  • White flower on head

  • Black background


  • Raised in Wisconsin

  • Taught college class in Texas

  • 1949 moved to New Mexico

Dakota Ruys

Untitled (Vase of Flowers) 1903

~Red flowers inside jar
~Multi-color background
~Light coming from left

~Often painted enlarged flowers
~She knew that she wanted to be an artist at the age of 10
~Gave up painting, started at University of Virginia

Ricky Padilla

Title: Church Bell, Ward, Colorado 1917


  • Sharp Pointed Church

  • Several Small Houses

  • Heavily Wooded Mountains


  • Worked two years as a commercial illustrator

  • Known for painting landscapes

  • Recognized as ¨The Mother of American modernism¨

Chicano Studies and Exploratory Spanish

Mrs. Burroughs

In my Chicano Studies and Exploratory Spanish classes, we listened to and read President Biden's Inaugural Speech. The students selected quotes from President Biden's speech that were meaningful to them. My Latinos were encouraged to translate those quotes into Spanish and then posted them on Padlet. My students love Padlet because they could see each other's work. Some of the feedback about this assignment was that they found hope and inspiration in listening and reading President Biden’s speech. My Latino students felt a sense of pride to be able to convey the president's words into Spanish.


Poetry Corner

I Remember

by Anahi Garcia Murillo

I remember my grandpa with his big happy smile

on his face every time he saw me.

I remember how he would come out with us

every weekend to spend time with us before his time was up.

I remember when he would joke around with my grandma

and always make us laugh.

I remember when he gave me a present for Christmas

before he was gone and I cherished it so much

I remember his little studio apartment that was so cute and perfect for him.

I remember him always sitting down with a coke because it was his favorite.

I remember the day they told me he was gone and my heart broke into pieces.

I remember going to his house to pick items with my mom that we wanted to keep of his.

I remember hugging his teddy bear brought from his house

so I could hug it when I missed him.

I remember how great of a person he was

and forever will miss him.

I Remember

by Eric Rivas

I remember waking up to the same smell…

She was always cooking something that smelled good.

I remember hearing many people around my house…

They were loud but I liked it when it was loud.

I remember turning the TV on and rushing to give her a good morning hug

I remember her hugging me and the scent she always gave was pleasant.

I remember eating nice warm meals made with love, it tasted just like love too.

The TV would be on, my favorite morning cartoons would be playing.

They would be doing the same as I was,

eating and watching TV without a worry in our lives.

I remember playing around with all of them having fun,

could be soccer or tag or hide and seek,

it didn't matter, I was just having fun.

The day would end and we would be inside playing

without knowing what was going to happen.

We were just living life.

I Remember

by Adrian Rodriguez

I remember the smell of the car when I got picked up from school

It had an ashy, smokey smell in my dad's Camaro and

I remember when my dad pulled up to the driveway and stopped instantly.

Our driveway is like a long path

so he got out of the car

and asked me if I wanted to drive.

It was a manual 1979 z28 Camaro

so he kept telling me to push the clutch all the way down and to shift in 1st gear.

The first time I was letting off the clutch

I heard a grinding noise that resonated in the car and in my ears.

The gear grinding was making the whole car vibrate.

After letting off I tried again and I did what my dad told me to do and I did it .

I shifted into 1st gear.

Shifting into 2nd gear was easier.

It gets easier after every gear.

It felt good when I realized I was driving this muscle car now.

Every shift would be another satisfying noise.

It felt like I had total control of the car.

I remember the windows were rolled down

and the cold air hitting my face and coming my hair

while I went down 15 mph down the driveway

and the sound of ticks and rumbles from the motor would bounce off the bushes and trees.

I remember me pushing in the clutch all the way

and throwing the shifter in neutral.

The motor was idling but the car was rolling

and the springy suspension would often make me feel like I'm levitating.

The rattles and shaking noises would get louder

when we got closer to the house

because of the amount of gravel on the floor.

I stepped on the delayed breaks that grabbed a little late.

Rough stop but at least we didn't die.

Big picture
Dominic de la Prade shows off the the new senior t-shirts. If you are a senior and have not picked up your t-shirt yet, they are in the office!

Happy Birthday!


Scudder, Odin R 12/2/2004

Bailon, Nickolas K 12/6/2004

Peralta Castro, Angel F 12/6/2002

Barajas, Jose L 12/14/2003

Joyce, Mathew 12/14/2004

Labo, Michael L 12/16/2002

Tinoco Marin, Bryan 12/16/2003

Lopez Zuazo, Daniela E 12/24/2003

Ogarrio Avelar, Carlo O 12/25/2002

Garcia Murillo, Anahi 12/27/2002 1


Del Toro, Sofia O 1/2/2003

Arango Mendoza, Angel 1/3/2003

Velasco Gutierrez, Litzy 1/4/2004

Matthias, Samantha C 1/11/2005

Rodriguez Renteria, Elizabeth 1/17/2002

Lopez Arango, Alexis D 1/19/2003

Hildebrand, Juan H 1/21/2003

Bukolsky, Jeremy D 1/23/2003 1

Nunez, Melanie A 1/25/2003