Social Services

And it's benefits

What do we do?

Social Services provide assistance for individuals and families to achieve physical, mental, and emotional wellness

Benefits of being a social worker

Benefits of social services

Not only do they help ensure people's well-being they also prevent crisis. There are many different kinds of social workers but overall they counsel individuals, families, and communities in a whole. They help others through challenges such as; discrimination, poverty, stress, abuse, health, disabilities, divorce, mental illness, unemployment, addiction, and the list goes on. They work in places like hospitals, schools, senior centers, prisons, public service agencies, military barracks, and so much more. Social services is a wide demographic and has so many jobs and opportunities to help the community. They thrive from service, integrity, and compassion. They work hard for the sake of others and not themselves. Almost a third of social workers work with children or families and they work very hard to help so many people.


The total amount of money that has been spent on social services and welfare is $1.03 trillion