HCMS Tour 2015

Assignments and Information :)

LES bus (Ms. Abernathy-driver): Ms. Dunn's class

Bus 19 (R. Barefoot-driver): Ms. Gregory and Ms. Depew

Bus 20 (S. Barefoot-driver): Ms. Webb and Mrs. Wilborn/White


Wednesday, March 11th, 8:45am


We will meet in the bus parking lot and begin loading at 8:40 a.m. We are scheduled to return by 11:00 a.m.


Jenkins (K. Stephenson, walk with Webb's class)

J. Krueger and J. Abernathy (Ms. Dunn's class)

S. Barefoot and L. Williams (Mrs. Webb's class)

V. Hare and T. Mills (Ms. Depew's class)

L. Griffin and N. Brown (Mrs. White/Wilborn's class)

R. Barefoot and D. Revels (Mrs. Gregory's class)