Panther PRIDE Weekly Update

Cimarron MS - January 26, 2023

From Behind The Desk

Hello Panthers!

Remote Learning and a Snow Day

With 2 days of remote learning this week, the snow day today was a welcome change of pace today. I hope you learned a little of the 3 days we've had as remote learners and educators; I know I did.

I invite you to take a brief survey regarding our first three days of remote learning:

We'll benefit from your input to adapt the process going forward. We've learned a lot over the last three years with remote learning, your feedback will continue to help us grow and learn.

Friday, 2/3

  • Cimarron MS returns with our doors opening at 7:10.
  • Spring Picture Day - Rescheduled from today, 2/2
  • Celebrate the 100th day of school (which was originally Tuesday) by dressing up like you're 100!
  • Fun Food Friday will also welcome us back

5th Grade Visit (Moved) 2/13

Moved to Monday, February 13th @ 9:30 Also, our incoming class of 2030 from 5th grade will be visiting campus at 9:30 for a tour and highlight of what Cimarron offers. Then on May 2nd @ 6pm we will invite 5th grade families to learn more about Cimarron.

Make it a great evening! We plan on welcoming you back to campus tomorrow.

Gabe Schmidt

Positivity - Respect - Integrity - Diligence - Empathy

"Advice is like snow - the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge


  • January 31 - 5th Grade Visit to Cimarron @ 9:30a
  • February 2 - Picture Day - RESCHEDULED
  • February 3 - Fun Food Friday!
  • February 7 - Counselor Appreciation Day!
  • February 7 - CPTO Meeting @ 9a
  • February 7 - Kona Ice Day!
  • February 8 - Activities Picture Day
  • February 9 - Spring Sports Family Meeting @ 6p (CMS Website Athletic Details)
  • February 15 - CPTO Pizza Day!
  • February 15 - AOK Awards
  • February 16 - 7th & 8th Honors Night @ EMHS 6p
  • February 17 - Fun Food Friday!
  • February 20 - NO SCHOOL - Professional Development Day
  • February 22 - School Bus Driver Appreciation Day!
  • February 23 - Panther Grille
  • February 23 - Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:30-8p
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Successful Remote Learning

Remote learning on short notice this week was a challenge. How can we do it better next time?

If you're like my family, we're happy to be back to school and in person. Now that we have experienced remote learning for one day, prepare now for a future remote day with these 3 guidelines:

  1. Establish a regular schedule and routine: One of the most important things to do when learning remotely is to establish a regular schedule and routine. This includes setting specific times for studying, completing assignments, and taking breaks. Having a set schedule can help to keep you on track, reduce distractions, and increase productivity.

  2. Stay organized: Remote learning can create a lot of digital materials, like online lectures, assignments, and notes. Staying organized and keeping track of all of these materials can be challenging. To overcome this, you can use tools like calendars, to-do lists, and note-taking apps to keep track of all the materials and schedule.

  3. Communicate effectively with your teachers and classmates: Successful remote learning also requires effective communication with your teachers and classmates. This includes asking questions, clarifying instructions, and discussing any concerns or issues that may arise. It's also important to stay connected with your classmates, as social interaction is key to maintaining motivation, and a sense of belonging.

Additionally, it's important to take care of yourself, it's important to take regular breaks and make sure you're getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising. Also, it's important to have a designated workspace, a place where you can focus on your studies and minimize distractions.

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If you would like to set up a Canvas account as an "Observer" of your student, follow these links or use the above QR Code for details.


Tickets are currently also live on Cimarron's website under athletics. EPS will now only be selling electronic tickets to events.


Please see slots for items and volunteers needed for the monthly Panther Grille.


  • Alerts/Announcements - In the event of a school emergency/situation, Mr. Schmidt will communicate quickly to families through text messaging through SMS text. If you have a smartphone, please text the words "opt in" to shortcode 67587. Make sure your phone number is on file with Infinite Campus.

  • Parent Portal - If you are having problems with your Parent Portal account, e-mail:

  • Panther Pals are parent volunteers helping on a weekly basis in the workroom. Contact the CPTO to sign up!

  • Pizza Day is a monthly event during lunch hosted by the CPTO. The money raised benefits Cimarron! The circle of…pizza! $5 for two slices and a drink.

  • Fun Food Friday is a twice-a-month sweet-treat fundraiser for students. Most things are $2

  • Panther Grille is a monthly luncheon for students who are nominated by their teachers for displaying a recognizable positive character trait.

  • The PantherPRIDE/AOK Award Assembly is a monthly grade-level assembly to recognize and commend students for exceptional qualities.

  • Please continue to collect Box Tops. They all add up to benefit Cimarron Panthers!

  • This Panther Prowl newsletter is produced weekly by Cimarron Middle School. If you have submissions, photos or suggestions, please contact Mr. Schmidt’s secretary, Robbi Kinnaird at We would love to hear from you.


Gabe Schmidt - Lead Principal, 8th Grade

Dr. Kacy Harsha - Principal, 7th Grade

Johanna Belt - Principal, 6th Grade

Jessica Cook - 8th Grade Counselor

Teresa Murray - 7th Grade Counselor

LaTasha Winther - 6th Grade Counselor

Cimarron’s School Resource Officers: Sgt. Littles & Sgt. Pearson