Investigation NISC DT Lab

Design Cycle Report about new DT lab at NISC

Identify the problem

In the years 2013-2014, NISC will be offering DT (Design & Technology) as an MYP subject. They need a DT lab built fast, as they currently do not have one.

Design Brief

You have the task to design a new technology lab using sketch up.

End User and Target Audience

All the MYP students will be using the DT lab. My design will be presented to Jakamo's Architecture Firm, The Gladwin's Construction and Loh Seng Ngoun.

Testing Methods

My design will be presented to the three classmates (listed below), who will represent the three target groups for testing. The test will be in the form of a checklist and to seek feedback.

My product will be presented to 3 classmates:

- Shane Gladwin (Construction)

- Jakamo Sharpe (Architecture firm)

- Lingling Meng (Loh Seng Ngoun)

The checklist will be in direct correlation with the Design specifications and the tester will rate as

  • <unsatisfactory>
  • <satisfactory>
  • <good>
  • <very good>
  • <excellent>

The feedback collected will include:

  • suggest 3-5 ways to improvement the product
  • list 3-5 strengths
  • comments about the use of space and layout
  • proficiency of Sketch Up.

Design Specifications

The product must have:

  • precise, correct and accurate room dimensions based on the existing building structures
  • four emergency exits
  • two main entry points
  • very good ventilation
  • maximum natural light
  • ability to function in the event of a power failure
  • place for washing hands
  • emergency shower
  • eye washing
  • two first aid stations
  • 1 firehouse and 2 fire extinguishers
  • a place for students to store bags, personal items and project that they are working on
  • truck loading bay
  • a display area
  • space for 25 students
  • tools/machinery and materials for for class tasks that include (a) furniture making (wood) (b) toys for kids (wood) (c) producing a letterbox (sheet metal) and (d) key fob making (acrylic)
  • storage place for wood, metal, paint and acrylic
  • tool storage
  • safety equipment and safety equipment storage

Research and Skill Development

In class, Mr. Luke provided us with a link to redesign the classroom, using this online tool ( - it is to help us develop our skills and extend our understanding on measurements, accuracy, design and creativity. I had to recreate the technology lab (Room 306) - I redesigned the room and modified the current layout to style that I feel is more equipped and appropriate for the technology class, which would also provide larger amount of space for collaboration.

In order to develop my understanding towards design and technology labs, I conducted some research and this is what I have discovered: