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September 25, 2015


  • Monday, September 28- Language Arts Vertical Team @ GOES
  • Monday, September 28- Begin Reach Higher Week
  • Tuesday, September 29- ILT @ 8AM
  • Tuesday, September 29-Special Education Vertical Team @ BHS
  • Tuesday, September 29-Science Vertical Team @ BHS
  • Wednesday, September 30- Math Vertical Team @ BES
  • Thursday, October 1- PLC
  • Friday, October 2- End Reach Higher Week
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  • Our wonderful PTSA provided some fantastic treats for us during the extended hours of Early Release.
  • Speaking of Early Release, we thank you for taking the time to sit down with so many parents. We saw many parents leave with smiles on their faces knowing that their students were cared for and in great hands!
  • Hooray! Five Forks Middle School has earned the title of a Green and Healthy (G&H) Taking Action School. Our school's environmental representatives, Mary Chamier, Bill George, and Julie Spence, led our school's team to help students develop the necessary 21st century knowledge and skills that foster life-long attitudes and behaviors that improve our environment and community.
  • STEAM is picking up STEAM...our Labdisc Sensors have arrived and we are going to use them to support learning at high levels!
  • We survived this week...FALL is here...and October is just around the corner! You all ROCK!

COUNT ME IN AWARD... Nancy Kimbrell

This is Ms. Kimbrell's first year teaching but you would never know it! She is great with her students and offers a variety of activities to compliment their learning. Nancy has taken the time make her classroom an inviting place especially if you're a Dawg fan! She is a wonderful addition to Five Forks and the teaching profession!

Instructional Highlights of the Week

STEAM Highlight

Our eight mini Labdisc sensors have arrived! We purchased these sensors using the funds awarded to us from the STEM Innovation grant this past summer. They will provide our students with the ability to measure a variety of factors including external temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, voltage, current, air pressure, heart rate, GPS, and pH. The sensors can be easily implemented in a classroom activity or lab experiment. Furthermore, they communicate wirelessly to a student’s tablet or laptop for data logging and graphing purposes. They could be beneficial for the data collection in students' science fair projects!

Here's a link to demonstrate what they can do: Sensors

What the Heck is PBL?

Our main area of focus for STEAM this year is Project-based learning. Several of our talented FFMS teachers have received training from our district in PBL and are coordinating successful lessons within their classrooms. Here's a brief article that introduces PBL and provides some context on how it can be effectively implemented.

What the Heck is Problem-based Learning?


eClass Updates for October

Digital Citizenship and more!

Common Sense Media is Common Sense Media is a national organization led by concerned parents and individuals with experience in child advocacy, public policy, education, media and entertainment. The members of the staff, Boards of Directors, and Board of Advisors represent leading research, academic and policy institutions as well as the business community. Members have a broad range of views and backgrounds, but they all share a passion for media and for kids.

Media and technology are at the very center of all our lives today -- especially our children’s. Kids today spend over 50 hours of screen time every week. The media content they consume and create has a profound impact on their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Learning how to use media and technology wisely is an essential skill for life and learning in the 21st century. But parents, teachers, and policymakers struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing digital world in which our children live and learn. Now more than ever, they need a trusted guide to help them navigate a world where change is the only constant.

Click HERE to visit the site and learn more.


Google Gooru

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The Gooru



4- Jessica Smith

8- Pam Underwood

10- Zac Cogdill

12- Dennis Turnham

14- Scherrie Grim

14- Ellen Loving

17- Dan Vatlavec

18- Hazel Johnson

19- Jennifer Van Gorder

20- Ana Maria Ghulam

22- Kim Rafferty

25- Zoila Lopez

28- Kelly Branam

29- Stephanie Lacock

31- Gwen Johnson

31- Eric Morrow


Did you know that Mrs. Brown has started a Blog? Check out what is happening in our very own FFMS Media Center!


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