Identity theft

Stop it now. For you and others.

Information on what Identity theft is, What to do if it happens, and how to prevent it.

identity theft is the use of one person's personal in

formation by another to commit fraud or other crimes. One can do this when they posses another person's social security number, driver's licsense number, or date of birth. The criminal can use this information to create a

fraudulent bank, credit card,cellular telephone, or other account for loans.

ways to prevent identity theft:

1. Be careful who you give your information to

2. Don't create a password that's easy to guess

3. have software on your computer that protects you from viruses

4. Check your credit card records

What to do when your identity is stolen:

1. Contact the police

2. Make an initial fraud report

3. Create an identity theft report

4. Order you credit reports