Trevecca Nazarene University

Taryn Rickey


A minister started teaching a group of parishioner in 1901, later Mcclurken established the announcement of the liberty and bible training school of christian worker.

Enlarged in 1911 and changed the name it TRevecca college. This name came from an institution started in Wales in 1978

In 1917 the it became an official college of the church of the nazarene

In 1935 Trevecca was established at its present location on Murfreesboro Road in Southeast Nashville

1972 was their first 4 year graduating class
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This is a religious school, The church of the Nazarene, and It is a public school Located in Nashville Tennessee, there are 1492 undergraduates enrolled every year.

Application Materials

How much is it to apply?

$25 for a paper copy and it is free for it online

Do you have to submit any test scores?

Yes, you have to submit SAT and ACT scores and send in your transcript from your high school.

Is there a deadline for enrollment?

Submit a $200 enrollment deposit by May 1 for Fall semester enrollment or by December 15 for Spring semester enrollment.


In-State Tuition:


Out-of-State Tuition:


Room & Board:


Books & Supplies:



  • Degrees: Associates degree is offered
  • Internships: You must be a Junior or Senior in good standing with the college. No student may be enrolled in the internship program if he/she is on probation.
  • You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above.
  • Internships must be directly related to your major or occupational goal, and approved by a faculty sponsor in your department prior to registration.Your employer must be willing to enter into the "Learning Contract" with Trevecca Nazarene University
  • Liberal Arts: school of arts and sciences. With over 600 undergraduate students in 55 academic majors and 9 pre-professional programs, the School of Arts and Sciences is the largest and most diverse school on campus.

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Scholarship opportunities

This college offers a number of scholarships for students to receive.

These scholarships require a 3.3 GPA or higher prior to enrollment and also for renewal:

  • $8,500 Chilton Scholarship
  • $6,000 Holmes Scholarship
  • $4,500 Welch Scholarship

These scholarships have to be awarded to you with specific Qualities:

  • $2,000-$4,000 Leadership Scholarship Awarded
  • $1,000-$5,000 Endowed Scholarship
  • $1,000-$3,000 Departmental Awards
  • $1,000 Church Matching Scholarship Awarded
  • $1,000-$3,000 Diversity Scholarship Awarded
  • Varies Athletic Scholarship Awarded based on skill and determined by NCAA Division athletic program.

Athletic Activities

Men, Women

Cross country








On Campus Living

Computer (The University supplies one computer line and jack to each room.)

Alarm clock or clock radio

Trash can

Drapes/curtains and shower curtain

Bed lamp


Carpet can be laid but not glued

Vacuum cleaner Several vacuum cleaners are available for use in the residence halls, if you choose to have carpet in your room. However, you may choose to provide your own vacuum cleaner.

$200 Enrollment Deposit: This amount is paid to the Office of Admissions at the time of application and serves to reserve a space in University housing for you.

Your own linens--sheets, pillow, blanket, bedspread, towels, and washcloths.

You will need to provide cleaning supplies, broom, small mop, cleanser, glass cleaner, toilet brush, bleach, etc. The University provides toilet paper.


  1. Do they provide any disability scholarships to undergraduates?

  2. Since it is a christian school do they provide an in state tuition to all states?

  3. Will you get to choose where your dorm located or will you get what you get?

  4. How many times can you switch roomates if you and your roomate do not get along?

  5. Is there no football team?

  6. Does this school provide any intramurals?

  7. How well managed is their nursing program?

  8. If you do have a disability will you have to state that when you fill out your application?

  9. what will happen if you get on acadamic probation?

  10. What jobs does this college provide on campus?