Inspection and Measurements Specialists

Company Profile

Pipeline Innovations Ltd (PIL) offers a range of specialised products and services specifically designed to support pipeline construction, commissioning and cleaning operations around the world. Our main product lines are multi-channel caliper and smart gauging tools for measuring the internal geometry of pipelines

- Our Standard Caliper pig is a multi-channel high resolution tool optimised for deep water operations where subsea to subsea launch and receive is required. The tools exhibit high reliability under arduous operating conditions and have an extensive track record.

- The PIL Pathfinder Foam Caliper pig is a new concept in pigging technology, offering an innovative solution to the problem of measuring the internal geometry of ‘un-piggable’ pipelines.

- Gauging multi-diameter lines is impossible using standard gauging pigs and even currently available smart gauging tools can only inspect single bore pipelines. In response to this problem, PIL have developed a Multi-Diameter Gauging pig which is able to gauge pipelines with up to 4 principal internal diameters. It is also a Smart Gauging tool with the ability to transmit the status of the tool at the end of the run using a through wall acoustic transmitter.

A recent development is a high resolution, 4 digit Subsea Digital Pressure Gauge for monitoring hydrotest operations on subsea pipelines. The gauge is intended to replace mechanical dial gauges for in-situ measurement of pipeline pressure at water depths down to 300m offering greater accuracy of pressure measurement and improved diver safety.

The team at Pipeline Innovations Ltd pride ourselves in offering innovative technology solutions and we operate a policy of continuous improvement and development on all of our products.