The Amazing Race

Location One: New York City, New York ( U.S.A )

Coordinates- 40*42 N , 74*0 W

Relative Location- south of the state of Connecticut

New York is usually cold in December through May. They have a moderate amount of precipitation each year. The higher temperatures are in July through August. NYC is dominated by farms, forest and sometimes skyscrapers. New York doesn't have huge traditions or festivals. I guess they have normal American holidays and traditions.

Location Two: Istanbul, Turkey Europe

Coordinates- 41*0 N, 28*58 E

Relative Location- south of the city of Mislak

Distance from the previous location- 5,011 kilometers

Istanbul, Turkey has a temperate Mediterranean and is usually rainy in December.

Location Three: Tokyo, Japan Asia

Coordinates- 35*41 N, 139*41 E

Relative Location- Tokyo is north of the city Yokohama

Distance from previous location- 5,555

Japan usually gets about 25 millimeters - 180 millimeters a year on average. They consist in several islands and gather their food from bays close by. People will celebrate the holiday called White day, which is very similar to Valentines day in the U.S. They will also hold many local festivals, but the biggest celebration is New Years.

Location Four: Lagos, Nigeria Africa

Coordinates- 6*31 N, 3*22 E

Relative Location- Lagos is east of the city Lekki

Distance from previous location- 8,365

Lagos, Nigeria gets about 10 millimeters - 300 millimeters of rain on average. Several forest consist on the southern coast of the country. The average temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius through 28 degrees Celsius. One of the many festivals they have is called Osun-Osogbo and it's to honor their gods.

Location Five: Sydney, New South Wales Australia

Coordinates-33*52 S, 151*12 E

Relative Location- Sydney is south of the city Gosford

Distance from previous location- 9,640

Sydney gets a lot of rainfall between the months January through November. The average amount of rainfall is about 50 millimeters through 150 millimeters. Sydney is also very tropical and holds many coastal lowlands ( and also mountain peaks ). Some Australians will celebrate a ''holiday'' called Australia Day, when where farmers will bring livestock and farmer machinery to a mini festival.

Location Six: Sao Paulo, Brazil South America

Coordinates- 23*33 S, 46*37 W

Relative Location- Sao Paulo is east of the city Sorocaba

Distance from previous location-

Sao Paulo has many tropical rain forest and mountain peaks. It gets about 50 millimeters through 200 millimeters a year on average. The average temperature is about 12 degrees Celsius through 27 degrees Celsius. Since they have many traditional dances, Samba schools prepare for the big dances in the festival.

The End Of The Race: Dallas, Texas United States

Coordinates- 32*46 N , 96*47 W

Relative Location- Dallas is east of the city of Fort Worth

Distance of previous location-5,095