WCSD Digital Citizenship Spotlight

October 2019 - Staff Version

Spotlight News

Webster CSD has again partnered with Common Sense Education for this school year. The Digital Citizenship Committee will continue to support a staff and parent newsletter to provide you with relevant resources to use in your classroom and with families. This year we will again support an evening learning series for parents, more information will be coming soon. Please consider becoming a common sense recognized educator. Trainings will be offered through TTT and FLIP opportunities throughout the year. Feel free to use the contact information on the bottom of the newsletter if you have any questions, suggestions, or needs.

Teacher tools for Digital Citizenship Week

We all know digital citizens aren't born—they're taught by you! To help you kick off Digital Citizenship Week, we've packaged #digcitweek teaching activities for grades K–12. Use the materials to help students think critically about what they see online, understand the benefits and risks of sharing information, and balance screen time with other activities.

What you'll find:

  • Sing-along videos starring our new Digital Citizen characters for young students.
  • Our Teen Voices video series for middle schoolers covering digital drama, online safety, and more to encourage thoughtful discourse.
  • Videos with accompanying discussion prompts for high school students on topics such as hate speech, screen time, and healthy online communication.

Get your materials!

Together, we're raising a generation of happy, healthy digital citizens.

—The Common Sense Education team

Center for Humane Technology - Student Resource

Here is a collection of practices that people we’ve spoken with have found helpful. It’s a small sample of the rich movement developing to help students, parents and teachers build healthier relationships with technology.

NYS K-12 Kids Safe Online Poster Contest

The New York State Office of Information Technology Services' is once again hosting the "NYS K-12 Kids Safe Online Poster Contest." The contest is open to all students in New York State public, private and home-schools.

This is a great opportunity for teachers to talk to students about being safe while on the Internet and while using computers and mobile devices. The contest has five entry categories: Kindergarten-Grade 2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12 and Special Education. New York State winners will be displayed in the 2021 NYS Kids Safe Online Calendar and entered into the MS-ISAC National Computer Security Poster Contest.

More information on the "NYS K-12 Kids Safe Online Poster Contest" can be found on the contest web page. Questions regarding the contest may be submitted to cyber.outreach@its.ny.gov.

Don't miss out! The contest entry deadline is December 9, 2019.