Max /Hero Military dogs

Jennifer Li Shortz

What is a Military Dog ?

A Military Dog is a dog that works with the Military . Military dogs help their owners or soldiers by sniffing out bombs and weapons , they also help to distract the enemy.
These dogs have been used in U.S military since World War I . More than 3,000 dogs have served in the military since 1993, more than 60 of those dogs and 40 of their owners have been killed in the service to fight for our country.
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How is a military dog trained ?

Military dogs are trained when they are little baby puppies usually at a military camp or base. The puppy is trained by the owner or dog handler and can become really attached to the person who is his trainer. These dogs are trained to perform very important tasks such as detecting odors of explosives or drugs. Because these military dogs help neutralize threats just by their presence they are a very important part of military patrol team.
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