The 1519 Cryer

All of the happenings in Texas this year!!!

Cortez crushes the Aztecs!!

This year, 19 year old Hernan Cortez set off to Mexico with 500 men and 11 ships, disobeying direct orders from his supereors! The Aztecs thought he was a god, therefore alowwing him to get the upper hand in battle(plus they had never seen horses or guns before).He then went to conquer the Aztecs, taking their king Motezuma captive, and claiming the land. He then fled Mexico, seeing that Spanish troops were coming to stop and arrest him, on account of him disobeying orders.

Pineda maps Texas!

Alvarez de Pineda commanded a Spanish expedition that sailed along the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Cabo Rojo, Mexico. He mapped the Texas coastline, to later pave the way for future explorers to find and explore Texas in Spain's name!

Some of the important people this year.

The palace happenings!

King Charles the Fifth's blog!

Hello, my pheasants! I am very delighted to be elected your Holy Roman Emperor! I will try my best to meet your expectations of me. i promise to fully and totally abuse my power, make taxes sky high, and give all of the power to the rich people! Ta ta for now!

We are weapons!!

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