Ella Ewing

Famous missourian By:Cole Guzzo

Ella Ewing

Dates and name

Ella Ewing was born on march 9, 1872 Ella died on January 10, 1912 the age 40. Ella was the only kid in my family.

Early Life

Ella hometown is Lagrange My family moved to a farm when Ella was little in Scotland County, Missour.


People made fun of Ella because she was so tall.People stared at me because Ella was so tall it hurt my feeling but Ella never said anything.

Remembered For

Ella was in the chicago world fair and Elala hold the distinction of being the tallest woman of her generation.

Other Information

Ella agreed to go on exhibit and earned $1000 for first appearance.Ella stop because her health began bad.In the free time ella like to go to friends house and tell stores about the road

Interesting Facts

Ella shoe size was 24,the age 14 she was 6 feet 2 in.,at the chicago world fair 27 million people attended