Mrs. McGeorge's Super Second Grade

Week of November 16

What We're Learning

Reading and Writing

This week, we will be focused on reading for details through reading passages about different Native American tribes. We will also read different versions of Goldilocks and Cinderella to practice comparing books with Venn diagrams.

Most of our writing will be related to comparing books as well. We will also practice times to use different homophones (words that sound alike, but mean different things and are spelled differently) and homonyms (words that are spelled the same, but mean different things).


This week, we are exploring the difference between even and odd numbers. We will determine if numbers are even or odd based on whether or not they can be evenly divided into two fair teams. We will also begin skip counting by 2, 5, and 10 (This is a good skill you can help your child with--have them skip count for you while you take a walk, are in the car, or while waiting in like at the store!).

Social Studies

This week, we are comparing all we've learned about Native Americans of the Plains and Eastern Woodland regions. We will look at similarities and differences between the two groups. We will also learn more about specific tribes during our reading time.

In Other News...

  • Popcorn on the Playground was cancelled this last week, and, unfortunately, we still do not know if or when it will be rescheduled. I have promised our kids that I will tell them about any updates as soon as I know, and I am sure new fliers will go home if we are going to reschedule.
  • Fliers are coming home about our school's upcoming Book Fair and Friday's Reader Night. This is a free event for families (no book purchase necessary, though I'm sure the kids will be intrigued by the book displays). Last year, Geronimo Stilton and Clifford even made an appearance!
  • We will also have a Spirit and Awards assembly this Friday at 1:20 pm. Families are always welcome to attend, and I will call the parents of our three award winners this Monday for the heads-up.
  • Moreau Heights collects Box Tops, Labels for Education, My Coke Rewards, and more. We will have our second quarter collection dates in mid-December, but you can send them in any time. Thank you for your help!


M 11/16 Art, Library Lesson

Tu 11/17 Music

W 11/18 PE, 2 Hour Early Release

Th 11/19 Art

F 11/20 Music; Spirit Day; Awards Assembly @ 1:20 pm; Scholastic Book Fair; Guest Author & Reader Event, 6:00 pm

Sa 11/21 Scholastic Book Fair

M 11/23 PE, Scholastic Book Fair

W 11/25-F 11/27 Thanksgiving Break

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