How pre sports is like

By Ricky Bonilla

The first day on pre sports

When you go to pre sports the first day you will not do anything. Whatever period you have pre sports you may have a different coach, so it will be either coach Black or coach Malone. When you go to pre sports you will do nothing but sit there because your coach has to make sure everyone has a lock and that everybody has cloth to dress out on and the coach needs to remember your names by doing the attendance.

The day you dress out and have fun

Once everybody in your class has a locker you guys will get to play now. The first thing you do probably wont be sports because the first thing we did was doge ball and games you did in elementary so basically the first week of pre sports will be fun.

The next week on pre sports

The next week after the fun you will do the more serious stuff. you will first start playing football and then later on you will play basketball and you will also play soccer but not really. You guys will still get to play doge ball but you have to act good and it will only be on Fridays.

Wednesdays on pre sports

on Wednesdays you will do something called health day it is where you go to the locker room and get a book that teaches you about health. you will do this every Wednesday and basically you just read and then answer the questions that follow.

Fitness gram

In the second semester you will be doing the Fitness gram you probably know what it is because you did this on pre sports but you still want to do your bets because if you want to go to athletics in seventh grade you may have to pass the fitness gram.

Pre sports work

Sometimes you will have to go to computers or you will have to learn something in pre sports. It is not really like health day but you still work on paper but again you might work on computers. Whatever you do it will be based on pre sports, so like you might take a test on sports like for example the question might say how points are worth a touch down and all that.
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