Katy Fit Festival

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How can part of your body get affected by not being fit?

The body has many systems that help you be what you are and how you look.Many people don't know that the digestive system.The digestive system is the reason you go to the restroom but it has more than just that.The system's function is to get nutrients from the food you get and to absorb the left over water and take out the waste.In order for you to be fit you need to eat healthy.Why?Well in order for your digestive system work properly and healthy you nee to eat salads less junk food and more water.Instead of soda drink water instead of burgers eat soup or salad.To find more info about fitness go to the festival everyone is invited!


When you don't eat right you can get type 2 diabetes.This type of diabetes affects how your body metabolizes sugar/glucose.Sugar/glucose the body's fuel sorce and can affect you really bad if you do't eat healthy.This disease is a long term disease that affects the adolocence the most. COME AND JOIN THE FESTIVAL.