Noise Problem in Your HVAC unit

Handling the Noise Problem in Your HVAC unit

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If you are hearing some noise in your HVAC unit, it clearly means that something’s not right. As we all know, different facilities have different HVAC needs which mean that the bigger the facility is, the bigger the need of having an adequate HVAC system. You may notice that some facilities such as factories or warehouse have this distinct noise which comes from their HVAC system and that is because there’s something wrong with the sound attenuators. You shouldn’t let this kind of things pass because this can cause bigger problems if left unattended. Having your sound attenuators checked by a professional is a good way to determine if it’s broken or if it’s just improperly installed. Hearing a loud noise from the unit can be very annoying and this can actually affect the performance of the employees despite the fact that they are well ventilated. Problems in the sound attenuator can actually cause a much bigger problem because it can actually interfere with the microphone signals.

Assessment is always the thing that you must do once you detect some problem in your heating/cooling system. The moment you hear the sound, you must waste no time and should immediately start locating the source of the problem. However, this can be a very complex process especially if you are not so familiar with the system which is why you should seek the help of professionals in order to waste no time. If you think you can do it on your own, here are some tips that you can use in detecting the problem.

· Check the diffusers. The size of the diffusers is actually a factor in the noise production of your HVAC unit. If the size of the diffuser is smaller than the actual needed size, it’s definitely going to pass excess air which leads to the production of noise. If you have a large HVAC unit, you should be getting a new one which is compatible for the system.

· If the ductwork is improperly installed, it causes the system to produce a lot of noise. You should clearly emphasize to the installers to include sound attenuators in the system.

· If you have a much smaller HVAC unit, the cause of the noise might be aloes or broken fan belt which is why you need to have it checked by a professional.

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