Precautions to auto-accidents

Alexis Greene

Why is auto safety important?

Auto safety is very important to everyone. Not only the driver, but also people around. Nearly 1.3 million people die each year from car accidents which leads us to about 3,287 deaths each day. Statistics have shown that more than half of all road crashes occur under young adults from 15-44. The "Association For Safe Road International Road Travel" states that by the year 2030, car crashes will be the fifth leading death cause. Car crashes are becoming a major problem from many different reasons such as drunk driving or just simply not looking out where they're going. Many lives have been lost just because some people drink and drive. On September 27th, CBS news showed a story on a 16 year old girl from Denver killed by a reckless driver. The driver was traveling at high speeds on southbound, then the vehicle veered quickly across several lanes of traffic and ended up in the northbound lanes of traffic where it collided with the northbound vehicle of the victims.

There are many ways you can be safe on the road. The first one is to always wear a seat belt. Seat belts prevent you from severe injuries in car accidents. In 2012, statistics have shown that only 67% of Americans wore seat belts. Another way to be safe while driving is to never text and drive. In 2011, about 23% of car crashes involved cell phones, which is about 1.3 million accidents. 52% of Americans admit they have talked on the phone while driving, "" Avoiding loud and distracting music is also a great way to be safe. You need to be able to hear other approaching vehicles and music can be distracting or too loud. Another way to be safe is to obey they speed limit. Going too fast or even too slow can interfere with other vehicles. When taking long drives, be sure to give yourself small breaks because long drives could cause you to get tired and distracted. Make sure all your mirrors are adjusted just right for you to see behind you and on your sides for any other vehicles or even people and bikers. One final way to prevent any accidents on the road is to not drink and drive. Drinking while driving has lead to many deaths a serious injuries. Statistics have shown us that drunk drivers have already driven drunk 80 times before first arrest, "MADD"

What to do in a severe car crash

Safety for the injured

First thing you should do is call 911 right away and give them a short but clear discription. Even if you think somebody has already done it, still call because you never know. Then if you can, pull over and turn on your hazards. Check to see the conditions of the victim. Be sure to leave room for the ambulance. Also, do not move the victim unless it's a must. You cant see whats going on under their clothing and a simple movement could paralyze them. If your'e qualified for knowing CPR, attempt it. If your'e not sure what to do then wait for the professionals.

About 3 months ago, a cyclist named Sara Perr, 27, had to be rushed to Longmount United Hospital. Reports said that Russel Rosh, 52, was driving westbound on Hygiene Road, and had come to a stop at the intersection and Sara crashed into Rosh's car.