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January 8, 2016


We reviewed Chapter 4: Multiplying Decimals at the beginning of the week, and students took an assessment over the chapter on Friday. We also began Chapter 5: Dividing Decimals. Once students realized that they had already been dividing by powers to ten to complete decimal multiplication problems (moving the decimal to the left), they quickly mastered the first lesson. In 5.2, students created decimal models with base ten blocks and divided them into whole number groups. They were very familiar with this process as it mimics the same process that we completed when modeling long division with whole numbers in Chapter 2.

If your child has not yet achieved 100% multiplication/division fact fluency, please have him/her continue to use Reflex Math nightly.

E/LA & Social Studies

Students determined why the Articles of Confederation created a weak national government, which led to Shay's Rebellion. The class had a mini-debate over whether soldiers of the Revolutionary War, like Daniel Shay, should have to pay taxes.

Using a readers' theatre play, students learned about the Constitutional Convention. Through it students were introduced to the concept of "check and balances" provided by the new three branches of government, unlike the single, legislative branch in the Articles of Confederation.


We began our study of the universe this week. On Tuesday, students traced and measured their shadows throughout the day noting the location of the Sun and the direction of their shadows. After each measurement, students added to their 1/100 size model that they created on paper. The following day, we used the globe and a light to recreate the activity. Using this model, students had great a-ha moments such as why timezones exist and were able to explain how the movement of shadows proves that the Earth rotates. Thursday and Friday, we focused of why seasons exist and created models again.

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Next Week's Specials' Calendar:

Monday, Jan 11 - Day 1: Music

Tuesday, Jan 12 - Day 2: PE

Wednesday, Jan 13 - Day 3: Art

Thursday, Jan 14 - Day 4: Library

Friday, Jan 15 - Day 1: Music

Upcoming Events:


1/14 All Pro Dads 7:10 AM - LGIR

1/18- NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Day


2/5- Family Trivia Night

2/3 CiCi’s Pizza Night, 4:30-8:00 pm

2/8 through 2/11 Scholastic Book fair

2/9-Parent/Teacher Conferences, afternoon

2/10-Valentine Parties, 2:05-2:40 pm

2/11 All Pro Dads 7:10 AM - LGIR

2/11-Early Release, 12:50 Parent/Teacher Conferences


2/15- NO SCHOOL- President’s Day

2/18-Papa John’s Night

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