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December 10- December-21

Next Week...

Monday, Dec 10

Mya’s Coaching Day

Holiday Shoppe Begins (see separate schedule)

3rd-5th Curriculum Based Assessment Window Opens (see separate schedule)

Secret Santa begins today!

African Storyteller Presentation (Kg) 8:00am

Happy Birthday Trella Collier!

Tuesday, Dec 11

Minor’s off campus AP mtg AM

Mya off campus 8:00-9:00 (Principal Panel)

Fall Picture Retakes

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

Wednesday, Dec 12

Popcorn day

Mya’s Coaching Day

Vertical team Mtg 3:10pm

Thursday, Dec 13

Holiday Choir Concert (8:15 Kg-2nd & 9:00 3rd -5th )

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

PTA Mtg and Holiday Choir Concert 6:00pm

Friday, Dec 14

Holiday Shoppe Ends (see separate schedule)

CAT Mtg 8:50am

Data Checkpoint (Reading) 3rd – 5th grade

3rd -5th CBA Window Closes

Lunch with Dad’s!

Walsh performance 5th grade 9:30-10:30

Secret Santa’s big reveal in the Library 3:10!

This Week In Pictures...

Tech Tools...

Leslie's Google Tip of the Week-->http://www.smore.com/gnw0-google-smart-tip-of-the-week#

Check out -->http://www.snopes.com/info/whatsnew.asp

Before passing on or sending out messages or posts with false information, be sure and check this website for the "real" story!

Thank you Leslie!!!

Star Gazing...

Congratulations to Vicki Brown, 2nd grade teacher ...our STAR Teacher of the Week! You are entitled to a five-day jeans pass and an opportunity to park in the space designated all next week! Thank you for all you do for our Star Texan community Vicki!!

Remember to thank a PTA member for the delicious lasagna luncheon this week! HUGE Appreciations for all of your hard work with your learning displays that evidenced student thinking! Our visiting principals and district administrators shared many positive comments about what they observed during their visit! Thank you for making Old Town shine so brightly this week!

What another full week! GINORMOUS THANKS to each of you for your flexibility this week and as always for another great week of teaching and learning!

Have a great weekend!

Reading Rainbow Remixed | In Your Imagination | PBS Digital Studios

The Week After...

Monday, Dec 17

Mya’s Coaching Day

OTE Spelling Bee 8:00am

Tuesday, Dec 18

Mya’s Off Campus Principal’s Mtgs.

Minor’s Coaching Day

PTA Hosts Cookie Exchange!

SPED ½ day planning & Technology training

Happy Birthday Amy House!!

Wednesday, Dec 19

Mya’s Coaching Day

Faculty Mtg 3:10pm

Thursday, Dec 20

Winter Classroom Parties

Friday, Dec 21

Winter Break Begins!

Old Town Elementary

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