By: Cody Lewis

Norway facts

  • Norway population is 5.048 million
  • The capital is Oslo.
  • the king is Harald V
  • Official lanuges: Norwegian, Nynorsk, Bokmal.
  • The religion is Church of Norway.
  • Norway national day is May 17.
  • Norway life expectancy is 79.
  • Literacy Percent 100.

My dream vaction is going to Norway.

My destination is the capital of Norway.

I want to visit this place cause I want to learn a deffernt langue.

Its a good country.


It will take me 10 hours 17 minutes.

Its is 4991.4.

Ill take joey, Bethany, Pc, My brother, Travis, Angelina, Jarrett, Christian.

We will get there by plane.

We will stay for 1 month.


We will stay in Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret.


  • It cost $568
  • Im staying in a hotel.
  • Ill spend more than $900.
  • Norway food.
  • Plane.
  • $568.


  • We are doing snowscooters.
  • Snowscooters.
  • I can do things that I cant do in the united states

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