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September 6, 2020

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Hello Conroe Tiger Families,

We had a great week of Ramp Up to prepare for school September 8th and beyond. We spent a lot of time going over our policies and procedures. In observance of Labor Day, there sill be no In-Person or Virtual classes on Monday, September 7th. We look forward to having all of our students who have signed up for In-Person learning beginning Tuesday, September 8th. Here are a few reminders for students who have signed up for in-person instruction:

Dropping Off Items- Please note, lunches or items left at home may not be dropped off. If your child forgets their lunch, you can place funds on their lunch account at My School Bucks or they will be able to charge a lunch. If a special circumstance exists, please contact your child's assistant principal. If your child forgets a school related item, please have them bring it the next day. This is in an effort to limit the number of people that touch an item and increase the possibility of exposure.

Mask/ID Requirement - All students and staff will be required to properly wear a mask while in the building and riding school the school bus. The mask will follow the same guidelines for clothing per the CISD Student Code of Conduct. If your student is not accustomed to wearing a mask, we ask that you encourage them to practice now and get adjusted to it. In addition to wearing a mask, students will be required to wear their student ID/meal cards. We will pass out cards this week to students who did not receive them during Ramp Up Week. Our cafeteria has adopted a touch-less payment system and will need to scan the card for each meal. Parents are encouraged to pre-load lunch money or bring the lunch money to school in an envelope with the student’s name and ID number on it.

Health Screening - Addition to wearing cloth face coverings, social distancing, washing hands, and regular cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces, an essential element in helping slow the spread of COVID-19 at school is each parent’s commitment to screening their child daily for symptoms. Parents are also asked to keep any student exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 at home and to notify the campus. Please review the Conroe ISD Health Screener each day so you are able to monitor your child’s health.

Visitors - All campuses are closed to visitors at this time to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Parent/teacher conferences, ARDS, 504 meetings, etc. will be held virtually or by telephone when possible.

Progress Reports for the first three-weeks can be seen in Parent Access. If your child has an I-incomplete for a grade, this means they have not turned in all of their assignments. Please have them follow up with their teacher.

Remote Learning Expectations - Our Remote Learners will continue their coursework through Canvas. Remote learning will rely on asynchronous methods - however, teachers will provide the following support:

1. Live or recorded lessons and explanations

2. Office hours or tutorial sessions

3. Opportunities for support and asking questions

Attendance will still be done through engaging in Canvas or communicating with your teacher on the correct day. All teachers will communicate their availability expectations to their students.

Tuesday, September 8th will be a GOLD day so students will attend 1, 3, 5 and 7th period. If your student has Late Arrival, they need to be on campus by 8:55.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for our students and staff. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated! Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns: or . We are happy to help and support our Conroe Tiger Families any way we can!

With Tiger Pride,

Tasha Smith

Principal, Conroe High School

James Bush

Principal, Conroe High School 9th Grade Campus

Schedule Information

Please click here for a video explanation of the daily schedules for both campuses!

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Important Information For Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

The building will open at 6:45 for students to enter. If you drop your students off before then please know they may not be supervised. Parents that will be dropping off their students, DO NOT drop your student off on Hwy 105! You can either drop off in the front of the building or in the Moorhead Stadium Visitor Parking lot. Please plan for delays with the car rider line.

Students that are being dropped off will enter and wait in the auditorium until we release students to class. Students who ride the bus will enter the building and go to the gymnasium. Students who are eating breakfast will report to the cafeteria.

Student drivers who have registered for parking have been emailed a temporary spot to park in until spots are assigned.

Please have your student take a pictures or copy their schedule from Student Access. We will have stations set up for students to get a copy of their schedule. There will be staff members to help you find your way throughout the building.

We will have a staggered dismissal this week beginning at 2:20 to assist with social distancing.

Important Information For Freshmen

If your first period class takes place at the Main Campus, you will need to report there. A shuttle bus will bring you back to the Ninth Grade Campus at the conclusion of first period. Administrators at CHS Main will assist you in getting on the shuttle bus. If your seventh period class takes place at the Main Campus, you will need to leave to go home from the Main Campus. There is not a shuttle bus that will return you to the Ninth Grade Campus at the end of the day.

Parents that will be dropping off their freshmen at the Ninth Grade Campus should utilize the drop of lanes identified as “Student Drop Off” directly off Sgt. Holcomb Blvd. Do NOT use the intersection marked with the newly installed traffic signal. There is a clearly visible sign that will direct you to the right side of the drop off loop. Once car riders or walkers enter the building, they will report to the cafeteria. Staff members will be present to direct you to the cafeteria and then the location of your first period class.

Students that will arrive by bus will enter the building and go to the gymnasium. Staff members will be there to help you find the gym, breakfast, and then the location of your first period class.

Please remember that our day begins much earlier than your previous junior high schedule. The building will be available for you to enter at 6:45 AM. Our first period class begins at 7:16.

Students will receive a printed copy of their schedules in their first period class to follow for the remainder of the day. There will be maps and staff members to help you find your way throughout the building.

Our day concludes at 2:35. We will have a staggered dismissal to assist with social distancing.

Parents of all Freshmen are encouraged to view and visit their student’s counselor canvas page on Monday, August 31st. The freshmen counselors have created a video for parents and students to watch. This will give you some great academic information. Each counselor will have two live Zoom sessions to answer any questions that you may have regarding the presentation. The login information and time schedules are found on your student’s counselor page.

Counselors Corner

Please click here to go to our Counseling Web Site and view our Counselors Corner Newsletter below!

After-School Help

If your student needs support after school, please see the information below! Beginning Monday, August 24th we will have a CHS Staff member available to assist students Monday - Thursday 4pm - 6pm. Please be sure to note the contact information for each campus!
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Notes From Our Nurses

Please click here to go to the Conroe ISD Health Services Page

Message from CHS Clinic

If your child will need medication to be available at school, please call the clinic during school hours to discuss your student's health needs and to make an appointment to check in any required medication.


Any medications used to treat symptoms consistent with COVID-19 such as cough, shortness of breath, headache, sore throat, and body aches will not be administered without a current healthcare provider’s note. This includes: metered dose inhalers, cough and cold medications, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen. At this time, nebulized medications will not be administered during the school day.


A student's physician may recommend that the student be allowed to self-carry emergency medications such as Epipens or asthma inhalers. Specific paperwork must be completed in order for the student to be permitted to self-carry medication at school. Please contact the clinic if your child will need to self-carry emergency medication.


Unless the prescribing physician specifies that a medication must be given during school hours, the medication should be given at home. This will help to prevent student exposure to contagious illness in the clinic and student loss of classroom instruction minutes.


PHONE: 936-709-5788

FAX: 936-709-5864


CHS9 Clinic Message

There are some changes we would like to make parents/guardians aware of as we get ready for our on- campus students.

Over the counter medications, including but not limited to, cough/cold medications, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, to treat symptoms that are also symptoms of COVID-19. Such as cough, sore throat, headache, muscle pain, and/or diarrhea will only be checked in and administered to students with a current healthcare provider note. Also, at this time we will not be administering nebulizer treatments during the school day. Parents/Guardians are strongly recommended to contact their student’s healthcare provider to obtain metered dose inhalers rather than nebulizer medications while at school.

Please refer to the road map to reopening for any questions you may have and as always please feel free to reach out to the clinic directly.


We will be having a medication drop off done in the main entrance foyer by last name, Tuesday 8/25 7am-9am and 1pm-3pm with the last names beginning A-K, Wednesday 8/26 7am-9am and 1pm-3pm with last names L-Z, and Thursday 8/27 from 2pm-5pm for anyone who was not able to make the previous times.


PHONE: 936-709-4022



Everything that your student will need to access their schoolwork will be done through Canvas. Below are directions on how to log on to Canvas. If your child needs their log-in information have them send an email to: Grades 10-12: or Grade 9 Also, parents if you would like to turn the notifications off there are directions below. If you need assistance, please send email us as well.
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Important Dates

  • Monday, September 7 - School Holiday: Labor Day
  • Tuesday, September 8 - Face to face instruction begins

  • Tuesday, September 8 - Sophomore Parent Meeting - Online

  • Monday, September 14 - Junior Parent Meeting - Online

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Click above to be directed to the CISD Roadmap to Reopening document. This is a live document that being updated to reflect the policies and procedures for the 2020-2021 school year.

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