Tools we use in Mrs. Huck's class

Guardians, get to know our favorite webtools!

Check out these web tools we use


Mrs. Huckeba's class loves to introduce a lesson with Brainpop. It is a neat website that allows teachers to show students short video clips on all sorts of subjects. It always contains the same two characters (A teenage boy and a robot named Moby). We laugh with Moby and we cry with Moby, but we also learn with Moby! These videos get our children excited about learning. It is normally a simple overview of subjects in math, language, and science.


In my classroom, we use all the free or prepaid resources we can get. I love this website and use it a lot for my ELA lessons. This webtool is so beneficial because, it contains great literature resources such as, books, fluency passages, vocabulary activities, and even graphic organizers. As a 4th grade class, my students really enjoy organizing their work, so the graphic organizers are used within our quiet time before we begin the lesson and commonly used to help students supplement and study their work. All my students are are on vastly different reading levels, so we are a unique and wonderful classroom. With such diversity, I like that I can print out books on different subjects and reading levels to appeal to every student. Parents should check this resource out and consider using it as a supplement to help in problem areas at home.


This is one of my most favorite resources to use. StoryBird allows my students to share their personal poems and stories, while also accessing other students works. When my children are instructed to write their very own personal narrative and poem (which is part of our standards!), I will give them the opportunity to load them onto StoryBird. This gives my students an exciting reason to work extra hard and create something unique. Parents and guardians, I encourage you to give your students the opportunity to do this at home. When your child is bored and needs something active to do, StoryBird is a great way for them to look at other children's works or create something they can share.

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Mrs. Huckeba, B.S. Early Childhood Education, Georgia College