10 Things to Know about

Ishmael Beah, Sierra Leone, and Child Soldiers

  1. Ishmael Beah was born in 1980 and was kidnapped from his family during the civil war of Sierra Leon
  2. Ishmael was adopted by an American woman and moved to New York with her to finish his education
  3. Ishmael Beah got a political degree in political science and now resides in New York City
  4. Sierra Leone had a civil war in the 1990’s
  5. Sierra leone has a unicameral legislature and a directly elected president
  6. Sierra Leone has 14 different districts
  7. Unicef protects against child slavery
  8. Ismael is now 26 years of age
  9. Children are kidnapped and forced to become soldiers at young age
  10. Children are used for land mine clearing, messengers, spies as front line soldiers and the girls are even used as sex slaves
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