Unearth Your Inner SUPERHERO

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There are many ways we can use Twitter in Education.

One way I'd like to implement the use of twitter this year is through Parent Communication and Highlighting our individual and team successes here at Stehlik. I'd also like to use it as an exit ticket or parking lot for Campus Tech PD.

Go a head try it out. You know you want to...

The first 5 people to tweet one way you would like to use twitter and be sure to include the hashtag #StehlikTwitterPD will get a prize.

In order to create a safe environment for our staff and students I have created the Google form below for those interested in following to fill out. For safety purposes, I will not accept any requests that come through if this form has not been submitted. I will share the link with the staff for Open House so that parents can fill out the form if they are interesting in following as well.
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