Sweden Profile

Some basic facts about the Nordic country of Sweden

Main Facts

Swedens official name is Konungariket Sverige. Its capital city is Stockholm

and the total population is 9,580,862. Its official language is Swedish, and the main religion is Lutheran Christianity.

Government Facts

The Head of State is Louis Gerhard De Geer and its government is a Parliament. Here are some its national symbols are: Elk for animal, Bird is Blackbird, Motto is "For Sverige i tiden"- "For Sweden-With the Times" and its national tree is the Ornasbjorde, a variety of the Silver Birch.

Geography Facts

The country's total area is 173,732 square miles. It has a mild to temperate climate, and the lowest point in the country is Kristianstad; with the highest being Kebnekaise. Some of the significant bodies of water are the Angerman River, Indal River, Lagan River, and the Eman River. Two islands make up one if the most significant landforms, and is near the island-city of Stockholm.

City of Stockholm

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Economic Facts

The official currency of Sweden is the Krona, and on 12/17/2015 it is equal to 8.58 American dollars. Most of their exports consist of timber. Some of the resources they have is iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver, tungsten, and uranium. They made a total of $163 billion in exports and $151 billion on imports. Sweden also has the largest sawmill industry in Europe.

Cultural Facts

Some of Sweden's most common foods are Meatballs (Kottbullar), Hash (pytt i panna), and Pickled Herring (sill). Some of their national holidays are New Years Eve and Day, National Sweden Day, and Boxing Day.

  • Boxing Day is a day of giving, and there are a few things that you should do. First, you should so something for others such as attending a charitable event. Also, you should partake in some outdoor recreation if the weather is permitting. You can also bring your friends and family together, look for traditional celebrations, and shop for good deals.
  • On National Sweden Day you should honor the flag, and most Swedes fly a flag in their yard.

Famous Person: Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie)

Felix was born in Gothenberg, Sweden on October 24th, 1989. He is a YouTube star and has the most subscribers on YouTube, currently at 40 million. He dropped out of the Chalmers University of Technology to pursue his YouTube channel.

Swedish Teen Celebrates the Paris Attacks (Published on Dec 21st)

1. Swedish teen celebrated the Paris attack.
This is important because some Swedes have joined ISIS, as well as the immigrant crisis caused by ISIS.

2. She won't be extradited to Sweden, but instead tried in Austria.

This is important because preparing for a trip to join the jihad is not a criminal offense in Sweden, but it is in Austria.

3. Some Swedish citizens who wish to join ISIS look up to them like pop stars.

This is important because many of the areas immigrants end up is influencing people to join ISIS.

On December 8th a 17 year old Swedish girl was arrested in Austria on suspicion of trying to join ISIS. She idolized the Paris attacks and had propaganda and ways to support ISIS on a cell phone in her room. Sweden has not requested that she be extradited back to Sweden. She is currently in jail in Austria awaiting trial.

Source: thelocal.se

Author: N/a

Check Travelers' IDs or be fined! (Published on Dec 20th)

1. Public transportation companies are urged to check the IDs of travelers or be fined up to 50,000 kroner.

This is important because of the recent terror attacks and Sweden's large amount of asylum seekers.

2. The checks are for any form of transportation from other countries.

This is important because many people fleeing Syria go through many countries to get to Sweden, or go through Sweden to go to other countries.

3. There is a nationwide low in the amount of asylum seekers since last week.

This is important because Sweden has been struggling to accommodate all of the people that swarmed into Sweden.

Since December 20th the Swedish government has told all public transport companies that they must check all IDs of travelers, under threat of fines if the order is not met. This is due to the refugee crisis, but the country has seen a major dip in the request for asylum in the recent weeks.

Source: thelocal.se

Author: N/a

Is this ad for a diverse mall too white? (Published on Dec 21st)

1. A mall in a diverse neighborhood has come under scrutiny for having ads that feature almost exclusively blonde haired, and blue eyed Swedes.

This is important because the country has 80% of its population as an ethnic minority.

2. Many citizens of the country are not full-blooded Swedes.

This is important because the ad seems to only include white Swedes.

3. The makers of the ad are apologetic that the ad was taken as offensive.

This is important because it shows that they did not mean for it to be offensive.

Source: thelocal.se

Author: N/a