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General Information for all grades.

Open House October 20 6-7. Don Brewer GRC Classroom #127

Field Trips at a Glance will be in each GRC folder next week. You can plan ahead.

Contact Information

IF you need to contact me in an emergency while your child is here at Don Brewer, please call the MAIN OFFICE @ 745-4990. All calls left on my voice mail will be answered after 2:30 of that day.

Grade K and 1 Friday

Oct. 9

Today we learned how to do a logic grad and use logical reasoning to solve the grid. We worked on our Rainforest unit and learned about the layers and what plants and animals are living in those layers. We read a play and learned about the elements of drama.

Field Trip money due next Friday.

Grade 2 MONDAY

Oct. 5

Today we learned how to use the encyclopedia and looked up information on the Anteater. We discussed the seven groups of animal classification. We learned about King Philip Come Out For Goodness Sake as a way to remember Kingdom,Phylum,Class,Order,Family,Genus, and Species.

We learned about habitats from long ago and habitats today. We discussed the characteristic of Mammals.

Field trip money due Oct. 13.

Grade 3 Wednesday

Oct. 7

Today we worked in the computer lab and learned about internet safety and reliable sources. We visited the FBI site for internet safety. After we complete the game we began our research on our Famous Monuments. Everyone has a monument to research at this point. They each have the seen the rubric. I have not send any info home yet. Will send the info. next week. We also learned what an Outline is and how it is used to help organize our writing.

Grade 4 Thursday

Oct. 8

Today we stayed busy all day long.

Our morning began organizing our research file box. We made tabs and wrote our Roman Numerals and Topics on the tabs. The boxes went home today and need to come back EVERY Thursday. I taught paraphrasing and note taking today. Each student will make 10 notecard and turn them in next week. I have not taught bibliography cards yet...I did let the student know that they should be recording all sources on a sheet of paper, book, encyclopedias, web sites etc.

Field Trip Oct. 15 MOSH

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Grade 5 Tuesday

Oct. 6

Today we used the computer lab to evaluate online resources. We checked out the site at Each student did the Topic Wizard. After we completed the activity, we logged into the website and learned about internet safety and reliable sources. After lunch we worked on outlining for our research project.