Electricity e-LAB!

Our video conference with the Challenger Learning Center

Electricity e-LAB Video Conference in Rm. 230

Today, we took a virtual field trip with our video conferencing equipment to the Challenger Learning Center in West Virginia. Our "Flight Director" challenged us to apply what we have learned so far in our Electricity Unit. We reviewed basic concepts of electricity and the ways electricity is created. We also discussed the fundamental differences between series and parallel circuits. We then created series and parallel circuits using on-line Electricity Simulators. Using the new lap top carts at Bridge Valley allowed each student to have their own computer and experiment with series and parallel circuits. The room was certainly buzzing with learning and literally buzzing with the sounds created from building circuits with the on-line Electricity Simulators.

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Electricity e-LAB Quiz

1) What is another name for a receiver?

2) Is a house wired with series or parallel circuits?

3) What is the difference between an open circuit and a closed circuit?