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January 25-29, 2016 #proudtobeajet

ARLOON - How to use the Augmented Reality

Arloon: Augmented Reality

Arloon offers great augmented reality tutorials, quizzes and tests for

  • Geometry
  • Anatomy
  • Chemistry
  • Mental Math
  • Plants
  • Solar System
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Augmented reality is about enriching our environment, the real world, with digital information presented in a way that makes it much more useful and accessible.

This technology, when applied to education, means incredible educational scenarios can be designed which would otherwise be impossible. For example, using virtual reality, we can hold something as small as an atom or as big as a planet in our hands, on a practical scale unconceivable in reality.

Augmented reality also makes it possible for us to study abstract concepts such as geometric and three-dimensional shapes, which are difficult to understand through a flat image in a text book, allowing us to freely manipulate and observe them from any angle, thus greatly improving our spatial visualisation.

Make the most of the classroom projector or whiteboard! ARLOON offers high-quality educational and visual content that is perfect for display on large screens. It helps you make your classes more engaging, improve group dynamics and motivate students by working with applications that have been especially designed to increase involvement in learning.

Get your students to experiment on the board with the apps, as if it were a giant tablet! Create games and competitions for them using the different challenges and exercises the ARLOON apps offer.

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The Genre Dating Game

During the month of February the JCHS Library is hosting the Genre Dating Game! Student will roll an 8 sided die that was printed in our 3D Printer to see which genre they will go on a "date" with. Students get a box of yummy conversation hearts when they take the book out of the library for their "date". When the "date" is over the student will fill out a paper stating either, YES, I would go on another date with this book OR NO, I would not go on anther date with this book. They then receive a cute little box of chocolates!

Teachers and administrators are encouraged to play the Genre Dating Game as well!

Great Ways to Use Google Drive to Power Students Projects

ThingLink EDU is a digital learning platform that provides users with the ability to turn any image into a multimedia rich interactive learning tool. Start with an image, annotate it with audio, video, images and interactive Google Apps! Google Apps are powerful multimedia rich tools that can be used to accomplish just about any learning task with style. Organize student work and streamline communication. Help students construct knowledge with the built-in multimedia powered Research Tool. Explore inspiring examples, get your hands on some templates, and consider the endless possibilities to Transform Teaching and Learning with ThingLink and Google Apps.

Click the link below to see the interactive ThingLink with ways you can use Google Drive to power student projects:,. " Transform Teaching & Learning With Thinglink & Google Apps - ICE 2015 | Cool Tools For 21St Century Learners ". N. p., 2016. Web. 29 Jan. 2016.

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