What is a "Gen X", anyway?

Learn all you need about the #1 modelling agency out there!

Our agency is 100% authentic...

No photoshop, no discrimination, and nothing sneaky behind the scenes. We accept our models as who they are, and would never depend upon editing apps to chance what they look like. News has been going around that so many major agencies are photoshoping their models' waists, legs, and hips. Gen X is against this act and we are commencing a movement to stop discriminating against women of all sizes.

Why Gen X?

Gen X stands for Generation X. The general meaning of this term is people born after the "baby boomers" sometime around 1970. However, we have altered this meaning to mean "the newest generation"... Generation X. And that is truly what we will bring to you, we have the most tech-savy staff, and our goals are to be as modern as can be. We will bring to you the best of the newest generation, and new faces which will soon be known all over the world.

It's time for a new generation of models to take over.


321, Algeria Street,

Mirdif, Dubai, UAE.