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Mr. Bozeday's Class, room 203

Where's the Bulletin? (read: allusion to "Where's the Beef?" 80's Wendy's ads)

Hello Parents! First, let me begin by saying that the parent community has been buzzing recently about the bulletin. More specifically: everyone's been wondering where the bulletin is and when a new one will be sent out since the last one came out in 1986 with promise of more to follow. To put it simple: there was an issue with the payment process (this awesome format of bulletin is really cool...but kind of expensive). But now with finances all settled up, I'm proud, confident, and VERY pleased to announce the promise of a more frequent newsletter!! So sit, back, relax, and enjoy because there is A LOT of info here!

Social Studies: Naper Settlement Field Trip!

Coupled with our studies of the American Revolution and colonial life for early Americans, is this great field trip to the Naper Settlement. You might ask: why go to the Naper Settlement during the lowest trough of winter when darkness rules our days and cold winter winds whip across our faces? The answer to that comes as a question: Did early Americans get to skip the winter months just because it's cold out? NO! So neither will we. Anyway (steps off soapbox), here's a couple of things we need to keep in mind for tomorrow:


- Make sure your child has warm clothes!! Even though it's supposed to be a "Jamaican-summery" 40 degrees, let's not forget that 40 is still cold.

While at the Naper Settlement we will be seeing what a school house was like, a printing press, blacksmith, an original Victorian House, and many other occupations / things having to do with colonial lifestyle. Expect some pictures to follow!!

Reading: Fever 1793

Do you like plagues? Historical fiction? Action packed stories? Then you'll LOVE Fever: 1793. This absolute masterpiece written by Laurie Halse Anderson is a historical fiction thriller about what colonial life was like during the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia in 1793. Halse Anderson scrutinized over every detail while writing this story by doing extensive research about colonial life, and what Philadelphia looked like during the late 1700's. We are doing a TON of work while reading this story. In addition to doing response questions for most chapters, we are also looking into the author's style (use of poetic language), and exploring the themes of family and character transformation. If your child hasn't told you about this book yet, ask them about it. Because it's awesome.

Language Arts: Adverbs / Latin Roots

Usually, it would be considered strange for 5th graders to be reading about pyromaniacs. But not for our class! The latin root we have been looking at most recently is "pyro" which means "fire". Fortunately, it is not my intention to employ "experiential learning" with this one, so we won't be burning things down.

Also in Language Arts we are studying adverbs. As a culminating project, the students are writing creative stories with the use of many adverbs.

American Revolution Simulation

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On Tuesday, our class will start a simulation that represents what life was like for colonists during the American Revolution. Students are in the process this week of picking which occupation their character will have, and constructing their journals that they will keep throughout the experience. Essentially, during their experience with the simulation, students will have to make decisions to events as a group that happen every day. Their decisions may affect their loyalty to a side, be it loyalist or patriot, and document their day's happenings in a journal. So don your tricorns, slap on your mob caps, button your waistcoats, and arm yourself with your most trusty brown besses, because we're in for an immersion experience of epic proportions!

Important Dates Coming Up!

- Naper Settlement Field Trip: Friday, January 15th, 9:00am - 2:00pm

- Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No School): Monday, January 18th

- Washington Open House: Thursday, January 28th, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

- Teacher Institute Day (No School): Friday, February 5th

- Science begins with Mrs. Benjamin studying Optics: Monday, February 8th

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