RCE Family Update

December 2020 Edition

Happy Holidays from RCE!

December is here and Holiday Break is just around the corner as we begin 3 consecutive weeks of in-person instruction this month. Thank you so much to our amazing students and great teachers for their hard work through the first 4 months of this school year. We are fortunate to be on campus, and we appreciate each day and interaction we have the blessing of having on campus. During this holiday season, we are very thankful for the opportunity to work with your students, whether through PCVA or In-person in SDPC.

December marks the beginning of basketball season on the RCE campus. Due to restrictions in seating capacity, we will only be selling tickets to the families of basketball players for both teams. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to create the safest and most healthy environment for our student-athletes and community.

Families of in-person students at RCE, please encourage your student to make sure they complete the Daily Check-In each morning when they arrive on campus. This form gives us a lot of information to help meet the needs of our students each day. Additionally, please remind your student to make sure they are wearing their face covering correctly throughout the school day. Face coverings need to cover both the mouth and nose to be effective. Thank you for your help in encouraging students to make these two processes part of their daily routine at RCE.

Thank you to everyone for helping to get our campus off to a great first quarter. If you have any questions about anything you see in this enewsletter, please feel free to reach out to us by calling 397-4200.

Happy Holidays!

Jeff Duncan


What does Level Yellow mean at RCE?

Beginning on November 30, SDPC will be shifting from Level Green to Level Yellow as a response to increasing COVID-19 levels in our communities and schools that are impacting our ability to operate daily. For Secondary Schools in SDPC, this means that students are restricted to a total of 4 cohorts (including transportation) to decrease opportunities for possible spread based on limiting contacts with other students. With adjustments that were made to all middle school master schedules back in July, RCE has been functioning at 4 daily cohorts already on campus. This means that RCE students will not see a significant change to their daily routines on our campus. We appreciate all that our students, teachers, and community do to help keep us safe and healthy. If you have questions about the updated Level Yellow, please feel free to call the Main Office at 397-4200 or email Mr. Duncan directly (jeffduncan@pickens.k12.sc.us).

Second Semester Intent Update

In November, SDPC sent out notifications to all enrolled families that asked them to indicate their intent for Second Semester (beginning January 20, 2021) for either traditional face-to-face instruction or virtual instruction through PCVA enrollment. RCE will be welcoming back 81 students to In-person instruction beginning on January 20. It is very important for all families to be aware that the size of the cohorts and classes at RCE will be larger on campus beginning January 20.

RCE has been very transparent that with the exception of a few Related Arts and Special Education classes, all of our core classes are 4-5 feet apart. CDC and DHEC guidelines recommend 3-6 feet of physical distancing in classroom spaces when possible. With this increase in students on campus during Second Semester, our core classes will have a 3-4 feet average of physical distance between students. We will be adding strategically placed plexiglass shielding in most classrooms to help with possible exclusions that could result from positive COVID-19 cases on campus. Not every student-desk will have a shield, but they will be fixed to desks in the rooms. If you have questions about what this will look like on campus, please feel free to email Mr. Duncan (jeffduncan@pickens.k12.sc.us) with your questions. Thank you for your patience as SDPC works through this process.

Free Meal Service Through the 2020-2021

SDE announced on Thursday afternoon that all meal service (breakfast and lunch) will now be free through the 2020-2021 school year. Each morning we ask our F2F students to complete our RCE Student Wellness app that allows them to pick lunch for that day and breakfast for the next day. Please let your student know these meal service options continue to be free for all. If you have any questions about this update for Food Service, please call the Main Office at 397-4200.

3rd 6 Week Plan for SDPC

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SDPC Remote Learning Expectations

Click here about information on SDPC learning expectations during Remote Learning.

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Chromebook Troubleshooting Tips

Before completing the Technology Help Desk Form below, please try these tips if you are experiencing technology issues.

RCE Technology Help Desk Form for Remote Learning Weeks

Help is also available at (864) 372-9663.

My School Bucks Online Payments

Set up an account to be able to pay fees for things at RCE.

Need to talk to the School Nurse on campus at RCE?

Nurse Osborne is always available to families if you have questions, concerns, or updates about the health of your student. If you need to drop-off medications at school or meet with her to discuss student health concerns, please email her (kristenosborne@pickens.k12.sc.us) or call (397-4207) to set up an appointment.

December Dates to Remember

~2 Quarter 2 Interim Reports go home

~3 Boys Bball vs. Glenview MS (5:30)

~7 Girls Bball vs. McCants MS (5:30)

~10 Boys Bball vs. McCants MS (5:30)

~14 Girls Bball vs. Seneca MS (5:30)

~17 Boys Bball vs. Seneca MS (5:30)

~18 Remote Learning Day across SDPC (Half-day)

~Dec. 21-Jan. 3 Holiday Break

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Chromebook Update

All students should have a functional school-issued device at this time. Technology issues should be brought to the attention of a student’s homeroom teacher and a ticket should be completed in the morning. We will work to resolve issues as quickly as possible during the day.

Every teacher at RC Edwards Middle uses Schoology to post assignments and grades. If you have any questions about using Schoology at home or regarding internet security options, please checkout the links below, which provide a wealth of information.

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Yearbook Order Form

This year will be asking all families interested in buying a Yearbook to please go to the Josten's website to make this purchase. A limited quantity of Yearbooks will be for sale on the day of Yearbook distribution. Reserve your copy in advance!

Student Handbook

This is an excellent resource regarding student policies and procedures for our school.

The Panther: Week Nine (Season X)