Counselor Connections

from Mrs. Hoover and Ms. Wilkenson

Behavior Interventions

We were excited to attend a collaborative workshop yesterday on Behavior Interventions that Work. The speaker, Aimee Dean was phenomenal! Follow her on Twitter @behaviorqueen and check out her website @

We learned how to better understand challenging students, as well as many effective interventions for helping them. We will make a copy of the resource page with websites and books and place them in your boxes. We look forward to sharing these research based ideas with you!

SMS's NJHS Coat Drive

We are so blessed to live in such a giving community! SMS's NJHS had a coat drive and brought over MANY coats for our students. If you think a student is in need, please let us know. Sometimes I'll see students with no coat, but they'll have one in their book bag, or may have left it at home, but if you sense a need, discreetly ask the student and refer them to us. Thank you!

Lunches of Love

Thank you for sending your students first thing in the morning for their Lunches of Love! :)

ACT Aspire Test Training

Julie will be conducting ACT Aspire Test security training soon. In a separate training she will conduct a testing training for procedures for the week of testing.
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Random Acts of Kindness

February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day! Our lessons, the weeks of February 15 and 22 will focus on Random Acts of Kindness. Talk it up with your students! Students really love being creative with random acts of kindness and they will love sharing ideas in your classroom!