The 2 Good and the 1 Bad

By. Kian Shahbazi


1. iPhone 6s

Apple has come out with the new iPhone 6s. The iPhone 6s is the #1 leading product of the century. The iPhone 6s has came in with many new features and different sizes and colors. The new iPhone has been invited like no ever phone. You can live take a photo and see how the photo was being processed. You now don't have to take your wallet everywhere with you, the new iPhone has a wallet app that you can put your credit cards there. I can all the new features but its going to take a while. So the iPhone has been the best selling smart phone in the world in my opinion.


Fitbit has been the number one product for people who are trying to lose weight and they help keep track of how much you walk,sleep, burn calories, and check heart rate. The Fitbit is something that is good for the gym and during your everyday life. The Fitbit can connect to your Phone and help monitor yourself.


1. Hover Board

The new hover bored was the number one most want for kids, but reports have shown that the hover bored are catching fire if you over charge them. People have filed law suits against them stating that they are unsafe and are at a risk for a child.