Battle of Ghettysburg

All about this bloody battle of The Civil War

Haleigh Harrison

When did Ghettysburg occur? What was its significance?

  • Date: July 1st 2nd & 3rd, 1863

  • Significance:
  1. It was the turning point of the war
  2. President Lincoln used this battle to show the cost of the war.
  3. The battle was HUGE!

  • The total of Union troops was about 95,000, the Confederates about 75,000.
  • The town of Ghettysbug wasn't actually that big, at the time the town held 2,400 residents


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Quick Facts of Ghettysburg

  • This Battle was the turning point of the war.
  • Union Victory
  • General Lee's first attempt to invade the North
  • The second day's Battle was the largest and costliest of the three days
  • Picketts charge was large but not the biggest charge of the Civil War

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^ Cyclorama Located in Gettyburg Pensylvannia ^

The photo above shows The Batttle of Ghettysburg (oil painting) inside ofthe cyclorama loacated in Ghettysburg, PA.

The French Artist Paul Phillippoteaux created 4 of these original paintings, and only 2 remain.

The painting describes the battle called Pickett's Charge, which occured July 3rd, 1863.


"Gettysburg Cyclorama." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 30 Nov. 2014. Web. 04 Dec. 2014

Why I choose Gettysburg.

I choose Gettysburg for my Project because ever since I learned about the battle I've been interested in the history. I wanted to spread the word of how this battle took place and how it made a big impact on the history of the US.