Diary of a.Wimpy Kid

by zander strasbourg


Protagonist Greg Heffley, greg is a middle school kid how is trying to make some money. Greg is a nice kid to other people that are not in his family. Greg gets a snow day and goes around trying to make some money by shoveling snow of of peoples driveways. He gets to one persons house and trys several different ways to try and get ride of the snow one then he finds a hose and that melted the snow really fast and he made five dollars and then the water froze and his dad went and bought 5 bags of rock salt and that put greg 20 dollars in the hole. Then he trys to sell food that he bought from the store to try and make some money. After that he made some posters and put them on the school wall but then it started to rain and the posters left a mark that would not come of and someone caught them but could not get a description of there fase but they got confused with somebody else


Antagonist Rodrick Heffley, rodrick is the owner of band called loaded diaper he does not like greg he likes to pick on greg because he is smaler than rodrick. Rodrick is very mean to greg he does not let greg go into his room


Supporting character Rowley, rowley is one of greg s friends that rodrick also hates because he thinks he is annoying. Rowley every nice to every body he meats he helps greg all the time he will do every thing greg tells hi me to do


The theme of the story is that do not be to gretty about what you want you just have to have patience and can not just rush everything


The setting of the story is in the snow when greg is trying to get some money

conflict and plot

Man vs man greg and all of the people that yelled at him and his brother