The Green Revolution

the answer to all your problems

Grow Food on a Large Scale

The Green Revolution can relieve famine. Food can be grown on a large enough scale to feed the rapidly growing population of a hungy country. With more food being grown successfully, more people will have food to put of their plates.

More Reliable and Profitable Crops

Becuase the seeds have been genetically modified, they are much more likely to grow successfully and as planned by the farmers, The crops will be stronger and much more likly to survive and thus support the people who rely on them.

Better Control of Land with Pest and Herbacide Resistant Plants

The plants will grow in a better envirnoment becuase bugs and weeds can be eliminated wihtout harming the plant when it is genetically modifed to be resitent to pestacides and herbacides. There is a much smaller chance that the crop will be infected or overtaken by a nasty weed. Instead, the unwanted aspects living around the crop can be eliminated leaving only the profitable crop.

Surplus Can Be Exported for Profit

The seeds are easier to grow and grow faster and stronger. Becuase of this, more crops will eb produced, likely with a surplus. This surplus can then be exported and sold for a profit. The money gained from this transaction can be used for further development in the country.